Reliability of Renewable Energy

Renewable energy or as they are differently known the alternative energy sources has become one of the most debatable topics of our times related to their reliability. Hydrogen fuel, biomass, hydropower, solar power, geothermic energy and nuclear power are some of the most common types of renewable energy. On the other hand the fossil fuels (a not renewable energy type) still continue to dominate the energy sector, apart from the fact that it is a troublesome type of energy and nonsustainable. Furthermore the fossil fuels have a hazardous effect toward the environment and still overshadow the alternative energy sources about their reliability.
Breeder reactor is the best epitome of the type of the renewable energy that arises most of the reliability questions. A breeder reactor is a device which uses the principle of heat assisted atom splitting in order to generate power. Is is self sufficient and it consists of a coolant that serves as a core protecter from overheating. They are able to create 30% more fuel than the amount they consume. In addition, those nuclear reactors need only an infrequent uranium addition about energy production. The uranium, which is the first material about conversion is a sustainable material that is ubiquitously found on the seas and even minute amounts of uranium can generate ten times more energy than a ton of coal. One of the most crucial advantages that the breeder reactors garantuee is the ability of energy conversion from the uranium waste and the depleted nuclear weapons’s uranium. The breeder reactors garantuee a more inexpensive method compared to the more reliable methods such as fuel, because of the reusability of the uranium as first work material.
One of the most critical problems that arises the problem with the reliability of this renewable energy form is the accident possibility that is posed because of the high temperature and the fast pace on the work paradigm. Furthermore, the ability of plutonium that has a half life of 24000 years, to persist for a long time poses a threat for cancer in case of inhalation. Also the byproducts of the breeder reactors tend to be dangerous for human health. On the other hand, the newest nuclear technologies have developed plans to overcome the challenges posed from these breeders.


Master Application Reference Models

To whom it may concern,

It is my pleasure to support Student X who is applying for a scholarship program by writing this recommendation letter.

I have known Student X during her volunteering work in my hospital during the periods: June-September 2014 and June-September 2015 and I can assure that she is a very hardworking girl.

She has shown to have a dedicated and disciplined personality. Her passion for Molecular Biology and her tenacity to achieve highest goals during intern program impressed me and other laboratory members. During her work in the laboratory, Student X demonstrated a combination of her deep interest and curiosity for research techniques with relevant knowledge and analytical skills. She was also very curious about developing more knowledge in clinical aspect of the eye illnesses. Also, she integrated well in team work by taking responsibilities and helping her teammates.

I hold Student X in top 5% out of hundreds intern students we have had in our hospital that collaborates with a Molecular Biology and Genetics Lab in Athens, Greece . I think that she has successfully built a rich and complete background of a successful student. I believe that during these years she has planted strong concepts of Genetics, Cell Biology and Cloning Techniques.

I strongly recommend her for this scholarship program. I believe that with her ambition, passion for science and correctness, she will succeed . Please do not hesitate to contact me for any further question about my student Student X.


Prof. Dr ……

General Director of ……,

Telephone Number

E mail adress


Reference Samples for Science Students

To whom it may concern,

I am writing this recommendation letter to support the application of Student X who was my research student during the period June-September 2016 and June-September 2017.

Since the beginning I noticed that she was very careful in listening and didn’t hesitate to ask in order to understand in depth the new information received. In regard to her laboratory performances, she was one of the most prepared intern students. Not only that, but I realized in our open discussions that she was learning extra information even independently. During this time, she showed curiosity about some specific topics. One of them was structural and functional adaptation in different conditions. She presented a high interest in how the human beings change their expressed structural characteristics in order to adapt to a new specific condition. She finalized this by presenting a topic at the end of the program named: “Environment shaping us” where she presented how we should understand the adaptation process, and some of the molecular mechanisms how it occurs. Other fields of interest were mechanism of native immunity and the use of stem cells nowadays. Another point that I would like to emphasize at my student, is her desire and passion of working in the laboratory. In our lab, she learned how to prepare micro and macro samples and was trained in how to make the identification of certain tissues under the microscope, performed ELISA test, histochemical tests and Western Blot. She was always asking me extra hours to improve her “microscope” skills showing an outstanding passion for laboratory work. Knowing her ambition of continuing a career in cancer research, I think that Japan would be like a trampoline for her future ambitions in life. Her academic background, together with curiosity, hard work and willpower which characterize her nature are the best indicators of her success . Please feel free to contact me if you have any question about my intern student Student X.

Name of the Reference provider

Mail adress


Reference Samples for Master Application of Molecular Biology and Genetics Students

To whom it may concern,

Please accept the following as a committee letter in support of the the student Student Y , student of Molecular Biology and Genetics in University Z.

I have become well acquainted with Student Y during the past 4 years she studied Bachelor and she has done quite well academically. Apart from the fact that during a part of the study her record contains some mediocre grades, Student Y has done an amazing work on the research laboratory dedicating most of the hours of her day to the experiments involved in my lab whose major interest is the study of the cancer mechanism and the stem cells involvement in this process. During those 4 years, she has displayed maturity, great leadership skills in the laboratory and great knowledge acquired from the self study. Furthermore her presence on my laboratory was both inquisitive and energetic and she is a good team player. Her major success indicator is the fact she used to work to support her studies and managed on the same time to work voluntarily in my research laboratory to manipulate the mesenchymal cells and also attend her lectures.

She is an extraordinary young woman who has the intellectual horsepower to do amazing research and has the personal skills that make her a great person, therefore she has my highest recommendation. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Professor Professor X

Mail adress

University Z,

City, country

Do Albanians feel sentimentally close to Turkey and/or Turkish people?

I was born and brought up on Albania and later I moved to Turkey for study reasons. Before coming to Turkey I thought it would not be a big deal as I considered Turkish tradition to be similar as ours. However when I moved here a total different Turkey from what I was expecting came out. After several unfortunate experiences, I realized that we as Albanians feel close to an imaginary kind of Turkey…

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Çay MYO genel olarak ilçesinden etkilenmiş bir MYO’dur. Çay’ın nüfusu oldukça azdır ve MYO’su da küçüktür. Çay ilçesi Bolvadin ilçesine oranla daha az gelişmiştir. Çay MYO’ tek bir binada eğitim verilir. Sessiz sakin bir ilçedir. Çay ile Bolvadin birbirine çok yakındır. Özellikle Bolvadin MYO’ dan Çay’ a yürüyerek dahi gidilebilir.

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İlkbahar – Yaz Ayakkabı Modelleri

Bildiğiniz üzere ilkbahar mevsimine 2 ay kalmış durumda. 2014 ilkbahar – yaz ayakkabı modelleri az çok tahmin edilebiliyor. Tasarımcılarında yönlendirmesiyle 2014 ilkbahar yaz aylarındaki ayakkabı modellerinde renklilik ve desenler dikkat çekecek.
Paris moda haftasındaki modeller ve bir çok moda merkezinde sergilenen
ayakkabılar ilkbahar ve yaz aylarında giyilecek olan ayakkabıları
gösteriyor. Paris moda haftası modellerine bi bakalım.

Paris Moda Haftası: 2014 İlkbahar Yaz Ayakkabı Modelleri



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