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To whom it may concern,

It is my pleasure to support Student X who is applying for a scholarship program by writing this recommendation letter.

I have known Student X during her volunteering work in my hospital during the periods: June-September 2014 and June-September 2015 and I can assure that she is a very hardworking girl.

She has shown to have a dedicated and disciplined personality. Her passion for Molecular Biology and her tenacity to achieve highest goals during intern program impressed me and other laboratory members. During her work in the laboratory, Student X demonstrated a combination of her deep interest and curiosity for research techniques with relevant knowledge and analytical skills. She was also very curious about developing more knowledge in clinical aspect of the eye illnesses. Also, she integrated well in team work by taking responsibilities and helping her teammates.

I hold Student X in top 5% out of hundreds intern students we have had in our hospital that collaborates with a Molecular Biology and Genetics Lab in Athens, Greece . I think that she has successfully built a rich and complete background of a successful student. I believe that during these years she has planted strong concepts of Genetics, Cell Biology and Cloning Techniques.

I strongly recommend her for this scholarship program. I believe that with her ambition, passion for science and correctness, she will succeed . Please do not hesitate to contact me for any further question about my student Student X.


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