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To whom it may concern,

I am writing this recommendation letter to support the application of Student X who was my research student during the period June-September 2016 and June-September 2017.

Since the beginning I noticed that she was very careful in listening and didn’t hesitate to ask in order to understand in depth the new information received. In regard to her laboratory performances, she was one of the most prepared intern students. Not only that, but I realized in our open discussions that she was learning extra information even independently. During this time, she showed curiosity about some specific topics. One of them was structural and functional adaptation in different conditions. She presented a high interest in how the human beings change their expressed structural characteristics in order to adapt to a new specific condition. She finalized this by presenting a topic at the end of the program named: “Environment shaping us” where she presented how we should understand the adaptation process, and some of the molecular mechanisms how it occurs. Other fields of interest were mechanism of native immunity and the use of stem cells nowadays. Another point that I would like to emphasize at my student, is her desire and passion of working in the laboratory. In our lab, she learned how to prepare micro and macro samples and was trained in how to make the identification of certain tissues under the microscope, performed ELISA test, histochemical tests and Western Blot. She was always asking me extra hours to improve her “microscope” skills showing an outstanding passion for laboratory work. Knowing her ambition of continuing a career in cancer research, I think that Japan would be like a trampoline for her future ambitions in life. Her academic background, together with curiosity, hard work and willpower which characterize her nature are the best indicators of her success . Please feel free to contact me if you have any question about my intern student Student X.

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